Monday, July 2, 2012

After studying the human body, as well as health and nutrition throughout my life, I've finally conceded that there is no substitute for proper food and exercise in the effort to lose weight. So many of us chase the illusive magical pill, or diet trick, or just plain old starvation in our desire to find the almighty "thin" balance that so many talk about.

Unfortunately, this weight loss tends to be just out of reach to many of us. I've wanted to believe, for many years, that the weight would come off, "if only". "If only" I ate the right foods, and "if only" I lowered my carbohydrate intake, I would lose weight. But the truth was, I HAD to exercise. You see, I realized that I spent most of my time on a diet, trying to figure out how I could "avoid" exercising...(not one of my favorite pursuits in life!). I'm not one for sweaty cardio exercise, although, ultimately, I realized I would have no choice if I wanted to lose the weight! I would just have to buckle down and work at it...that would be my challenge.

My cardio workout, however, consists of 10 times up and down the stairs in my house, 3 times a day. The rest of the time it's's age-old best friend. I live in the mountains, so walking is more of a chore than I ever wanted to do, but I find myself doing it now...every day...whether I want to or not! I don't know if you really have to do that "muscle confusion" thing to keep up with weight loss, so I'll have to get back to you on that. I must say, keeping the body fit is a lot of work, especially when you write for a living. That in itself tends to keep you pretty sedentary for hours. At any rate, next Saturday is my day for weigh-in, so I'll keep you posted on how it goes. In the meantime, remember, there's no substitute for proper proportions, a diet filled with 80% vegetables, 10% fruit, and 10% protein (in the form of tofu, nuts, seeds and beans). Good nutrition, physical activity, and a positive mind set will work every time! Best of luck to you all.

With Love,
Jan C.

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