Monday, February 6, 2012

A Sign of the Times

Over many years people have changed lifestyles and eating habits. We've gone from the simplest of menus, to one of more refined tastes and sauces which have included the use of herbs and spices. Here we are in the year 2012 and there are a lot of folks out there who have become conscious about what foods they consume and feed their bodies with. With the prevalence of diabetes and other cardiovascular disease topping the charts for health problems, the American and world population has come to a crossroads. A crossroads that demands a different diet and way of life from us.

From Mad Cow Disease, to e. coli bacterial outbreaks on our food sources I believe that people are afraid to eat many of the foods that the FDA has approved for our consumption. It seems that the most beneficial foods are those of organic nature. Large amounts of organic vegetables and fruits help to lower high cholesterol and other factors which contribute to heart disease, diabetes, strokes and other high profile diseases.  I have recently, (as a diabetic), been taken off my insulin and given Metformin pills to take in an effort to help me lose weight. I'm going to blog about my success or failure, whichever it is, and share the information with everyone else. I am doing this under a doctor's care and supervision with the understanding that I am vegetarian/vegan in my dietary discipline. Let's see what happens!

As I start off this venture, I currently weigh 326 pounds and have recently had pneumonia.

Week One:
I got on the weight scales yesterday and it shows that I weigh 312 pounds. That would be a total of 14 pounds lost. Whether that is due to the new diet, or from having been seriously ill, I'm not sure. We'll continue to keep track once a week to see where this all leads.

I eat scrambled eggs for breakfast (vegetarian) with mushrooms, broccoli, onions and carrots. I prepare this as an omelet. It's quite tasty and lasts me all morning long. Lunch consists of a salad with as many veggies as I can pile on, a dressing of Balsamic vinegar, with a little salt, pepper, splenda, garlic powder and onion powders, (about 1/2 teaspoon each). Dinner is generally some form of tofu, (I like to press it with crushed peanuts on both sides) then I saute it in peanut oil and have 3 different steamed veggies of my choice. The idea of eating this way is to eliminate carbs for the time being. For those who eat shellfish, you can have some type of fish or shellfish for your protein and then add the veggies to your plate. It's filling and I've found myself not terribly hungry after. 

I am a bit of a snacker in the evenings, so I've chosen the least amount of calories in the food I snack on. I end up eating celery, which I've found has small amounts of insulin in it.

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